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Arete Business Connect
Do you want to be your greatest self?

Do you want to lead teams to Bucket List level achievement?

Do you want to perform at the highest level in all areas of life?

Do you want your business to exceed to new levels?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, the Arete Summit is for you.

Our mission is to "Experience Excellence".  

​​Our goal is assisting individuals and organizations in obtaining Bucket List level achievement, or Arete, being one's greatest self.

Arete: Being one's greatest self / organization.

Arete Business Session 1:

     Bucket List Achievements

     Arete Lifestyle

     Domains of Life

     Arete Gap

     OGO (Outcomes, Goals, & Objectives)

     What, How, & Why

     Heartset / Mindset

     Core Drivers

Additional Arete  Business Topics:

    Clarity, Block Scheduling, Discipline, Courage, Distractions, High Performance, Productivity, Procrastination, Team Building, Energy, Health & Wellness, Focus, Leadership, Habit Formation, Habit Stacking, Discipline, Motivation, Effective Communication, Relationships, Finances, Spirituality, Experiences, Community Service,  Dealing with Growth, Working with Millennials, Project Management, Prioritization, Management vs. Leadership, Strategic Planning, Corporate Culture, Professional Development.......................................

Calendar of Events:

     July 17, 2019 (Wednesday): Arete Business Connect

     August 14, 2019 (Wednesday): Arete Business Connect

     September 18, 2019 (Wednesday): Arete Business Connect

     *October 6 - 13, 2019: C-Suite Retreat (Optional)

     October TBD, 2019: Arete Business Connect

     November TBD, 2019: Arete Business Connect

    *December 14, 2019: Riverfest Boat Parade Party

     December TBD, 2019: Arete Business Connect

     January TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect      

     February TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect
     March TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect

     April TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect

     May TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect

     June TBD 2020: Arete Business Connect
Arete Business Connect Sessions:
                8:00AM; Breakfast / Networking
                9:00AM – Noon: Arete Session
                Noon: Lunch / Attendee Presentations

Location: Tower Club - Ft. Lauderdale

Individual Sessions:
               Each attendee will have a monthly 45 Business Strategy Session with an Arete Business Team Member.  Sessions are likely to be calls, but may be in-person based upon convenience. 

Special Events:
     Each group will have 6 - 8 special / networking events.  

          Riverfest Boat Parade Party
          Wine Dinners
          Non-Profit Gala
          Private Museum Tour / Gallery Opening
          Culinary Experiences
          Yacht Tours / Dinner

     Each attendee will have an included experience (1) and an option to add additional.

          Arete Summit - Puerto Rico (4 Day / 3 Night)
          Arete C-Suite Retreat (Health & Wellness Cruise)

Location: Tower Club - Ft. Lauderdale

Cost:  $16,000
Payment Schedule:

     Deposit to Reserve Spot: $4000

     Second Payment: $4000 (Prior to July Session)

     Third Payment: $4000 (Prior to October Session)

     Forth Payment: $4000 (Prior to January Session)

 Space is Limited to 12 individuals.

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