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Arete Summit
Puerto Rico
Building People, Teams, Organizations, Companies and Communities.
Hotel El Convento (Old San Juan)
Schedule of Events:
Day 1:
AM: Arrivals
2:00PM: Welcome & Orientation
3:00 - 6:00PM: Arete Session I
6:30 - 9:00PM: Welcome Reception & Dinner

Day 2:
6:00AM: Morning Routine
7:00AM: Health & Wellness Activity
8:30AM: Breakfast: "Are you Latin Ready? - Marketing to the Hispanic Market"
9:15AM: Arete Session II
Noon: Lunch & Learn (Doing Business in Puerto Rico)
2:00 - 5:00PM: History and Cultural Tour of Old San Juan
6:30PM: Reception: Rums of Puerto Rico 
8:00PM: Dinner

Day 3:
6:00AM: Morning Routine
7:00AM: Health & Wellness Activity
8:30AM: Breakfast
9:15AM: Arete Session III
Noon: Lunch & Learn (Investing in Puerto Rico)
2:00 - 5:00PM: Group Activity
7:00PM: Cocktail Reception
8:00PM: Dinner

Day 4:
6:00AM: Morning Routine
7:00AM: Health & Wellness Activity
8:30AM: Breakfast
9:15AM: Arete Session IV

Noon: Closing Lunch
Afternoon: Departures / Optional Tour & Stay Package

Program Description

Arete: Being one's greatest self / organization.

Building People, Teams, Organizations, Companies & Communities with the latest in High Performance & Leadership skills while discovering new business / investment opportunities in Puerto Rico.

Arete Topics
Session I: Arete                     
     Bucket List Experiences & Achievement
     What is an Arete Lifestyle?
     Domains of Life
     Outcomes, Goals & Objectives for Arete
    Overview Mindset / Heartset

Session II: High Performance I
     Dealing with Distractions
     Block Scheduling
     To-Do or Not To-Do List
     Effective Morning Routines
     Return to Neutral
     Habit Formation (And Deformation)
Session III: High Performance II
     Rest and Recovery
     Mindset Mastery
     Joy and Happiness for Productiveness
     Mental Frameworks for Success
Session IV:  Leadership and Influence
     Speed of the Team is the Speed of the Leader
     Management vs. Leadership
     Effective Communication
     Leading with Integrity
     Building People, then Teams, then Organizations
     Multi-tasking as Delegation
Attendee: $3900
​Guest: $950
Ground Transportation in Puerto Rico
Overnight Accommodations (3 Nights) - Queen Superior
All Food and Beverage Per Itinerary
Educational Materials
All Tours / Group Activities Per Itinerary

Puerto Rico Resource Center
Sponsorship Opportunities
Meet The Team
  1. Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson
    Partner & Co-Founder - Arete Business Chief Experience Officer - Bucket List Club
    [email protected]
  2. Jeffrey H. Watts
    Jeffrey H. Watts
    Partner & Co-Founder - Arete Business
    [email protected]
  3. Mindy Figueroa
    Mindy Figueroa
    President & Founder, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications An award winning agency, we connect brands, talent, businesses, communities, government and media partners to create winning solutions. And, we proudly offer more than 80 years of combined “hands on” experience with in-culture marketing expertise in Health, Education, Technology, Financial, Digital/New Media, TV/Entertainment, CPG and Culinary sectors.
    [email protected]