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Arete Summit
Do you want to be your greatest self?

Do you want to lead teams to Bucket List level achievement?

Do you want to perform at the highest level in all areas of life?

Do you want to play with A players?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, the Arete Summit is for you.

Our mission is to "Experience Excellence".  

​​Our goal is assist individual and organizations in obtaining Bucket List level achievement, or Arete, being one's greatest self.

Arete: Being one's greatest self / organization.

Arete Topics
                Session 1: Arete
                                Bucket List Experiences & Achievement
                                What is an Arete Lifestyle?
                                Domains of Life
                                Overview Mindset / Heartset
                Session 2: High Performance I
                                Dealing with Distractions
                                Block Scheduling
                                To-Do or Not To-Do List
                                Effective Morning Routines
                                Return to Neutral
                                Habit Formation (And Deformation)
                Session 3: High Performance II
                                Rest and Recovery
                                Mindset Mastery
                                Joy and Happiness for Productiveness
                                Mental Frameworks for Success
                Session 4:  Leadership and Influence
                                Speed of the Team is the Speed of the Leader
                                Management vs. Leadership
                                Effective Communication
                                Leading with Integrity
                                Building People, then Teams, then Organizations
                                Multi-tasking as Delegation
                Wednesday, March 20, 2019
                Wednesday, March 27, 2019
                Wednesday, April 3, 2019
                Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Times (All Sessions):
                8:00AM; Breakfast / Networking
                9:00AM – Noon: Arete Session
                Noon: Lunch / Attendee Presentations

Individual Sessions:
               Each attendee will have two individual sessions with the Arete Team.  One individual session prior

               to the first session and one at the conclusion of the last session.

Location: Tower Club - Ft. Lauderdale

      Individual Sessions (2) = $1000 Each = $2000
    Group Sessions (4): $500 Each = $2000
      Food and Beverage: $350
      Networking: Priceless

                Non-Tower Club Members: $2200
                Tower Club Members: $1800
 Space is Limited to 18 individuals.